What is Flexible Dieting 

Flexible dieting is a meal plan approach where YOU choose your foods/meals every day and track them yourself in an app such as My Macros + or My Fitness Pal. I would supply you with the proper amount of calories and macronutrients (grams of carbs, fats, protein) for your training and non-training days and YOU would create your own daily meals based upon your needs, preferences, convenience, etc. 

There are still guidelines to follow for this approach (which will be sent to you if this approach is chosen.) The guidelines will teach you what nutrients should be included in your daily intake, nutrient timing info, food group examples, suggested meal schedule for training time, etc. This is NOT an invitation to eat “crap” all the time as long as it fits within your numbers. Rather, this is a way to form a healthy & balanced relationship with food.  

This option is most preferred and is a more long-term, maintainable way to eat and "diet". But every client is different and this isn't the only way, that is why all my programs are 100% customized to you.