Thank you for visiting my page, I am a Christ follower (Life.Church), a mother of 7 beautiful kids, a wife. I am from Oklahoma (Go Thunder!!), I am an online fitness coach, a YouTuber, a fitness influencer, a 1st Phorm Legionnaire, and a power-lifter,  So I understand the struggle of being busy and being on the go all the time.  I have played softball all my life even as an adult my husband and I still play on a coed team, so I have always been active, but not really active in the gym until about 6 years ago I started going to the gym and seeing my own results, which as you might know as I kept seeing more results I became addicted. I fell in love with helping others see results also, so I started the "5 week transformation challenge" which is now a 8 week challenge where I give you the tools to see results, I choose the winner by before and after pics (not by weight) and the winner wins cash prizes as well as other goodies.  I have a passion for fitness and makeup and I love to share my passion with others. The last few years I have gotten the opportunity to help others on their fitness journey and I am so grateful for each person I get to help.   I am currently and continuously learning new things everyday to better help my clients,  I am a NFPA certified personal trainer, I am certified in introduction to human nutrition and Human Health Diet and Nutrition.  I am certified through Nutrition Coaching Institute as a Hormone Specialist. I have also been through extensive training with 1st Phorm Supplements, on nutrition, supplements, workouts and more. I am committed to helping you become healthy, fit, and love yourself again!!! Lets start this journey together!!

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